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Remove Red Light Cameras in the City of Poway

At several intersections in Poway, California, electronic cameras enforces red lights and take photos of violators and send them a nice $580.00 ticket in the mail. These cameras are costly, ineffective, and get people who didn't even commit a red light infraction. Last month, my mom pulled up to the intersection of Ted Williams Pkwy and Pomerado Rd. She came up to the intersection fast, and the camera got her. They placed a speed sensor at least a car length before the crosswalk. They clocked my mom at 14 mph from that point. My mom drives a late model Toyota sedan, capable of making very short stops. She stopped RIGHT AT THE LINE. The camera even shows my mom stopping and looking, but the Poway Sheriff stills sends a $580 surprise to my mom in the mail. She is contesting the citation in the San Diego County court, but why should she and probably thousands of others have to go through so much trouble. The city of Poway's crime rates has been steadily rising over the last several years, and I would rather see more officers on patrol then have a machine monitor red light infractions. I think I have made my point here, red light cameras NEED to go.

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